Elton "Skip" McGoun

Elton "Skip" McGoun

  • Professor, William H. Dunkak Chair in Finance, Bucknell University
After putting a biology degree to good use serving the national defense as a naval officer selling candy bars in the swamps of South Carolina and organizing bowling tournaments in the Aleutian Islands, I wound up in Anchorage, Alaska answering complaint letters at a credit union. Six years later I was the chief financial officer. Following a failed job search in Hawaii, I decided to attend Indiana University for a Ph.D. in international finance, imagining myself stepping out of the pages of GQ into the finest hotels and restaurants in the financial capitals of the world. Instead, I live across the road from a cornfield and drive a pick-up. Go figure.

Bucknell is not only a great university, but if Hollywood were producing College: The Movie, this is what the set would look like. Who wouldn’t want to play a role?

No one can really leave home in the morning and no one can really leave work in the evening. We bring the same values and the same behavior to all of our activities. The society and culture that publishes the Wall Street Journal also produces SpongeBob Squarepants. The people who trade S&P 500 Index Options hang out at Coyote Ugly. More must be driving financial markets than just finance.


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320 Taylor Hall, Bucknell University
1 Dent Drive
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  • Ph.D., Indiana University

Selected Publications


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