Kate Padgett Walsh

Kate Padgett Walsh

  • Associate Professor, Iowa State University
I teach ethics and the history of ethics. My scholarship explores points of intersection between Hegel’s thought and contemporary issues in ethics. My most recent work examines the ethical dimensions of debt in light of recent social and political developments.


Contact Info

419 Catt Hall
2224 Osborn Dr.


  • Ph.D., Northwestern University

Selected Publications

Transforming usury into finance: Financialization and the ethics of debt,” Finance and Society 4.1 (2018): 41-59.

“Ethics of Debt” (Special Issue), Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, ed. William Carter, Jonathan Fox, Kate Padgett Walsh: Forthcoming.

Ethics of Debt” (Special Issue), Finance and Society 2.1 (2016), ed. William Carter and Kate Padgett Walsh.  

“The Ethics of Debt Today: Hegelian Reflections on Abusive Lending and the Financial Crisis,” Dimensions of Moral Agency, ed. David Boersma (Cambridge Scholars, 2014).

“Consent, Kant, and the Ethics of Debt,” Philosophy in the Contemporary World 21:2 (2014).

“Building a Better Term Paper: Integrating Scaffolded Writing and Peer Review,” Co-authored with S. Bird and A. Prokos, Teaching Philosophy 37:4 (2014).

“A Hegelian Critique of Desire-Based Reasons,” Idealistic Studies 43:3 (2013).

“Distance and Engagement: Hegel’s Account of Critical Reflection,” International Philosophical Quarterly 52:3 (2012).

“Reasons Internalism, Hegelian Resources,” The Journal of Value Inquiry 44:2 (2010).