Nina Boy

Nina Boy

  • Senior Researcher
  • Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
My research is based at the intersection of security studies and international political economy, focusing in particular on conceptions of (in)security in global finance. This includes theories of money, debt, value and collateral, informed by a socio-political perspective that is grounded in the technicalities of modern finance.

My doctoral thesis The Security of Public Credit analysed state security both in the narrow financial term of the 'safe asset' and more broadly as 'public credit'. My present work in the context of a visiting fellowship at the Collaborative Research Centre 'Dynamics of security: Types of securitisation in historical perspective ' at the Universities of Giessen and Marburg 2016-2017 focuses on the value of security in politics and finance and on the politics of the cashless society.

In 2016 I joined Nathan Coombs and Amin Samman as co-editor of Finance and Society.


Contact Info

PO Box 9229 Grønland
Oslo, Norway
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  • Ph.D., Lancaster University

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed academic articles:

Boy, N. (2015) Sovereign safetySecurity Dialogue, 46(6), 530-547

Boy, N., J. P. Burgess and A. Leander (2011) The global governance of security and finance: Introduction to the Special Issue. Security Dialogue, 42(2): 115-122

Chapters in edited volumes:

Boy, N. (2016) ‘Financial security’ in J. Junk, C. Daase and G. Schlag (eds) Transformations of Security Studies, PRIO/ Routledge New Security Studies Series, London: Routledge

Boy, N. (2014) ‘The backstory of the risk-free asset: how government debt became safe’ in C. Goodhart, D. Gabor and J. Vestergaard (eds) Central Banking at a Crossroads, London: Anthem Press

Boy, N. (2014) ‘Öffentlichkeit als public credit’ /’The “public” of public credit’ in A. Langenohl and D. Wetzel (eds) Finanzmarktpublika/ Financial market publics, Wiesbaden: Springer VS