Simon Lilley

Simon Lilley

  • Professor, University of Leicester
Simon studied for his first degree, in psychology, at University College London. His PhD, which considered the impact of computerisation on the management of oil refineries, was awarded by Edinburgh University, being funded by the ESRC as part of their Programme on Information and Communication Technologies. Simon has taught previously at the Universities of Keele, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lancaster, at the International Business School, Budapest and at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST. Simon joined the School of Management in 2003, becoming Head of School in 2010. Simon is editor of the journal Culture and Organization.

Research interests turn around the relationships between (human) agency, technology and performance, particularly the ways in which such relationships can be understood through post-structural approaches to organisation. These concerns are reflected in a continuing focus upon the use of information technologies and strategic models in organisations and he is currently pursuing these themes through investigation of the regulation and conduct of financial and commodity derivatives trading.


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Leicester LE1 7RH
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  • Ph.D., Edinburgh University

Selected Publications

Lilley, S. and Papadopoulos, D. (2014) Material returns: Cultures of valuation, biofinancialisation and the autonomy of politics, Sociology.

Kavanagh, D., Lightfoot, G. and Lilley, S. (2014) Finance past, finance future: a brief exploration of the evolution of financial practices, Management and Organizational History, 9(2): 135–149.

Harvie, D., Lightfoot, G., Lilley, S. and Weir, K. (2014) Publisher, be damned! From price gouging to the open road, Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, 31 (3): 229-239.

Lilley, S. and Lightfoot, G. (2013) ‘The Embodiment of Neoliberalism: Exploring the Roots and Limits of the Calculation of Arbitrage in the Entrepreneurial Function’, Sociological Review, 62(1): 68 – 89.

Brewis, J., Godfrey, R. and Lilley, S. (2012) ‘Biceps, Bitches and Borgs: Reading Jarhead’s Representation of the Construction of the (Masculine) Military Body’, Organization Studies, 33 (4 ): 541-562.

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