Diversifying and Decolonising Economics Network

Diversifying and Decolonising Economics Network (The D-Econ Database)

The D-Econ Network has launched a new database to address discrimination in perceptions of economic expertise:

The D-Econ Database is an online resource showcasing research of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds taking non-mainstream approaches to economics. The aim of the database is to increase the visibility and opportunities of these scholars by addressing some of the most common excuses for the lack of diversity in the economics profession: lack of knowledge of non-white, non-male, or non-Western scholars in the field.

The database already has nearly 100 entries, and new scholars are being added every day, This is a communal project of co-creation driven by a grassroots movement - we rely on your help to add scholars. Read more about the database here, submit an entry here, and join our database if you are a non-white/non-male/not based in the Global North scholar or practitioner of economics using non-mainstream approaches.

More information available here.


Duration: 09/30/2021