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Special issue of Finance and Society on the Ethics of Debt, guest-edited by William H. Carter and Kate Padgett Walsh.

The Community Economies Collective (CEC) and the Community Economies Research Network (CERN) are international collaborative networks of researchers who share an interest in theorizing, discussing, representing and ultimately enacting new visions of economy.

MoneyLab is part of a global movement that demands the democratization of the design of our financial futures. Audacity is essential in times of crisis. And so we must engage constructively with hackers, entrepreneurs, and other creators who take up the call for economic alternatives.

The History of Financial Advice is a collaborative project involving literary critics and economic historians. It examines the cultural work that financial advice achieves and traces the development of the genre from the eighteenth to the twenty first century.

The Finance and Society Network (FSN) is an interdisciplinary research network dedicated to fostering new perspectives on the social implications of contemporary finance. It has three key functions.

The D-Econ Network has launched a new database to address discrimination in perceptions of economic expertise: The D-Econ Database is an online resource showcasing research of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds taking non-mainstream approaches to economics.